Las Vegas Metroplex

Shuttle Service

The BGC has several routes set up from their properties.
- The first goes East to West from Sundance to The Cal to Sunrise.
- The second goes from North to South from Big Easy to Gold Coast to The Nymph Ranch to The Cal.


A monorail goes from McCarran up the Strip to its final stop Downtown. This is the easiest way to travel between the casinos but its not always the fastest.


There are over a thousand driverless cabs from AutoCAB delivering passengers at any point in the day. They go anywhere in the city but expect longer wait times and a higher fee for areas with low security.

Between Cities

High Speed Rail

The PCC has a vast network across of maglev lines across their territory, and that network has been built into the territory of the former Ute Nation which includes Las Vegas. The primary line used to be from Los Angeles to Santa Fe to Denver, but the faster route through Las Vegas instead of PCC capital Sante Fe has brought a surge business and corporate interest into the city.


I-15 is the interstate of choice when driving into Vegas. North to Vegas or Salt Lake or south to Los Angeles and even San Francisco. I-95 south goes to the bulk of the cities in the PCC. I-95 north goes to Reno and to Tir Tairngire but critter hotspots along the way can make the road dangerous.


Though rail travel is growing more and more, the vast number of visitors to Las Vegas still come in via air travel through McCarran airport.

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