Lucky Lady

The Lucky Lady is a smaller casino located on the FSE. It doesn’t boast any rooms or hotel accommodations. What to does do is capture a very old world vegas charm, with a large gambling floor, two smaller theaters for shows, and performances, several lounges and associated acts, and several bars and restaurants packed into it.

The vibe, and clientele, are both on the older side. The crowd is predominantly local, with a smattering of tourists who come in off the FSE.

The Lucky Lady is visible on FSE by looking for the giant ARO of a dancing showgirl that is displayed above the door leading into the casino.

The owner of the casino is a bit murky. BGC owns most of the properties on downtown, but it appears that the Flamingo group owns the Lucky Lady, through holdings of multiple shell corporations. There is a lot of speculation locally that Lady is a laundromat for the Flamingo Group.

Lucky Lady

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