Vito Rovati

No information is publically known about Vito. A matrix search will return on bit of information for the Lucky Lady casino. Vito is listed as the Head of Operations for the casino. No photo; description or other details are available.

On Jackpoint there are threads in Vegas specific chat rooms. A lot of conjecture and contradicting claims about Vito.

He’s a orc, elf, human, dwarf, adept, mage, shaman, technomancer, who is connected to BGC, The flamingo group, LVM, the Ancients, Koshari, the Mafia, Triad, and Yakauza. But he is definitely a man, expect he might be a woman, or a teenage girl.

Everyone does agree that Vito is a fixer who can get stuff done around town. He (she?) is connected to a lot of friends, in a lot of places.

Vito Rovati

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