Big Easy

Big Easy
Owner: BGC.
Number of rooms: 2,075

Like most of BGC’s properties, the name of the casino was changed to reflect the change in ownership. The casino was changed to the Big Easy, but the New Orleans theme was kept. The extraterritoriality of the BGC’s properties in Las Vegas has allowed them do and sell a number of things normally illegal in the city. This is especially true for the Big Easy.

Places of Interest

Orleans Arena

The Arena is host to a number of matches such as cockfights, dog fights, devil rat fights, and other blood sports including matches between metahumans. While the BGC has been permitted to run these fights, they are still bound by the Matrix laws of LVM so they are not permitted to broadcast them or permit any remote viewing over the Matrix. Since the betting on and watching of the fights is local-only, the Orelans Arena is one of the busiest locations off the Strip.

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Big Easy

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