Population: 247, 500 (estimated)
Humans: 62%
Elves: 9%
Dwarves: 3%
Orks: 17%
Trolls: 6%
Other: 3%
Size: 118 sq mile
Population Density: 2,097 / sq mile
Per Capita Income: 11,500¥
Below Poverty Level: 71%
Corporate-Affiliated: 22%
Security Rating: E



Henderson is an illustration of what happens when a city infrastructure falls apart. The roads are barely drive-able and blood rain is soaked into the ground so much that it has created a greasy film on the surface.

The border between Henderson and Boulder City has an impassible wall, and the borders to the other districts can be difficult to pass.


During the goblinized round-up of 2021, Henderson got a high number of orks and trolls moving here to seek haven. The city was strained and overpopulated, but it held on. When goblinized started getting civil rights in their home cities they left Henderson in equal numbers as they first came. The sudden exodus of half its population left Henderson in turmoil.

There was an rebuild Initiative that ran for 7 years granting tax breaks and grants to companies that would build in Henderson, but lack of oversight resulted in massive amounts of multi-story apartment buildings being built without connected utilities or even doors and windows.

Henderson is populated mostly by the SINless, however there are industrial buildings in the area that it keeps corporate interest in the district active.


The most recent appointee to the Board of Trustees for Henderson was an individual that actually cares for the district which is a large step for the future recovery of the district.


The primary economy of Henderson is the export of illegal drugs to the other districts. There is almost no risk of getting facilities shut down in Henderson, but there is an added risk of transporting it across district lines.

There are also a handful of off-the-books manufacturing buildings. The corporations running them keep their names off the buildings and don’t distribute SINs to their workers.


The residents of Henderson are a proud bunch. Even those that have moved out wear their origins on their sleeves.

Places of Interest

Las Vegas Expressway – The most notable structure in the district is the road that goes completely over it.

Lake Las Vegas


The LV Metro stay out of Henderson completely but PuebSec keeps a presence there for defense of the industrial facilities. They will respond to calls from a resident with a SIN but the response time is terrible. After being routed from the Strip the Comanche have moved in to Henderson and have been an increasing force of control.

Since Boulder City built a wall with Henderson, the crime and danger gets worse as you approach the wall, especially since the area was taken over by critters.

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