World Headquarters: Los Angeles, PCC


“We Know What You Think”

The youngest of the AAA Corporations.

Las Vegas Metroplex

Horizon Americas
Las Vegas has the largest Horizon presence in the Americas outside of LA. They have practically monopolized the district of Enterprise. Following their successful navigation of Crash 2.0 they were hired to restore and maintain the wireless grid for Las Vegas. Horizon also takes advance of Las Vegas’ looser BLT laws and make a substantial profit on the sale of “CalHots”, a BTL illegal in most cities.

Charisma Associates
Charisma is client-focused rather than service-focused. They’ve essentially taken the model of the hotel-butler and made a company out of it, doing absolutely anything their client desires. In Las Vegas they focus more on visiting individuals rather than businesses, but there is still plenty of the latter.

Pathfinder Multimedia
The backbone of Horizon, this is the media and entertainment branch. They are responsible for creating some of the hottest shows on the Strip and opening them up to viewers on the Matrix has blown up their numbers. In addition many of the hottest reality shows are filmed in Las Vegas including the breakout hit “Tir Rites” which features the brutal and dangerous initiation rites of the Ancients with the initiates living in the same house.

The Horizon Project
A think-tank, social works group, and intelligence division, Horizon Project buildings are scattered across Enterprise which also see the most amount of transitive employees in the city as the various projects start and end.


Caesar’s Palace

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