World Headquarters: Boston, UCAS


“Tomorrow Runs on NeoNET”

Las Vegas Metroplex

Iris Software
The Iris Software branch located in the LVM is essentially running vast amounts of prediction and modeling programs that are using information collected from around the Mojave. A chunk of the programs are financed by the PCC who are trying to stay ahead of and possibly prevent any natural disaster that might occur within their borders. The same programs also monitor the spirit activity within LVM itself and as far away as Joshua Tree Park

Novatech is the number one provider of Matrix security services in Las Vegas working equally with visitors and corporations.

S&S Agricorp
This subsidiary controls the area of Sky Ranch where they taken over and expanded the farming in the area. The farms have been exceptionally profitable due to the fertile Mojave. S&S also has a significant research branch there for development of new farming techniques to use in desert environments.

AAA Corporations
Ares Aztechnology Evo Horizon Mitsuhama
NeoNET Renraku Saeder‑Krupp Shiawase Wuxing

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